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PT. Gunung Samudera Tirtomas Group is a contractor company engaged in construction, property and tourism services. Founded by Robinson Saalino since June 2015. Beginning with a group of dynamic youth and determined to progress and develop in the business world especially construction, property and tourism by looking at economic development, and increasing development in Indonesia especially the Special Region of Yogyakarta is very possible to develop into a modern city but stick to Adat and Ethics that are held firm by society.

Company Objectives

Conducting business in the field of construction and construction either as a contractor of building / contractor or as a builder of real estate, planning, execution, or making buildings and tourism development either directly or indirectly associated with it and in the sense the broadest word. Thus we strive to carry out a clear vision and mission and a commitment to develop and advance together by prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, in an effort to improve services to meet customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis, the company will make efforts to improve the understanding and implementation of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, which is an improvement from ISO 9001: 2004. In accordance with the objectives of the company, it is expected that performance improvement will be achieved, so as one of the developing companies will be able to contribute to local and state revenue and improve the welfare of employees.


Being a leading national private company in the construction, property and tourism services industry, growing sustainably, providing welfare to employees, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders and achieving good corporate governance concepts. </ div>



To achieve that vision, PT. GUNUNG SAMUDERA TIRTOMAS GROUP implements missions such as:

1. The maximum empowerment of the six pillars of Construction, Property and Tourism, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Quality and Information Technology.

2. Equate perceptions among managers to maintain corporate values ​​and achieve common goals.

3. Applying the principles of Accuracy and Wisdom in decision making and good corporate governance.

4. Increased competition in the globalization era through cooperation with national and international contracting companies.

5. Empowering communities around the project to open jobs and improve the welfare of the community

6. “CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE” in working to provide the best for consumers with the latest work with attention to quality. 

Organizational structure

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Architects & Budget Team
Production Team & Quality Control
Product Legality
 Property Sales
 Product Branding
Quality design Premium architecture is supported by qualified estimators, to produce quality products. Professional production and supervision of Quality Control Team is a guarantee of product quality of PT Gunung Samudera Tirtomas PT Gunung Samudera Tirtomas guarantees the legality of letters relating to the occupancy of every consumer without exception. Armed with Product Knowledge and Broad Network, will help get your dream dwelling. Product quality and consumer trust are maintained seriously and professionally.

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