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Jogja Merapi Paradise

Jogja Merapi Paradise is a cool area, comfortable, cheapest, with complete facilities, has an area of 20 hectares located in a strategic location towards the Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) in just 5 minutes. As a productive and very profitable investment.

Building Design:

Jl. Samberembe, Candibinangun, Pakem, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55582

Can be inhabited alone or invested with profit sharing every month. MOU Notary, legal. productive, with almost 3000 units of beautiful rooms, villas, resorts with 1-2 rooms plus carport and shop houses, this area is supported by public facilities that increase comfort:

Meeting Hall
Swimming Pool
Recreation Area
Sport center
Open space
Food court
Water Park

December 2018 Promo!

Kostel Type 18
IDR 83,000,000
Per December 2018

Type 18

1 Room

Profit Sharing: IDR 700,000 / Month

Kostel Type 33
IDR 140,000,000
Per December 2018

Type 33

2 Rooms

Free AC

Free Exhaust

Profit Sharing: IDR 1000,000 / Month

Villa Type 22
IDR 115,000,000
Per December 2018

Type 22

1 room

1 carport

Free AC

Free Exhaust

Only For 20 First Buyers, so Grab It Fast!

Profit Sharing: IDR 850,000 / month

Profit Sharing

Resort Type 18

Kostel Type 16

Kostel Type 30

Villa Type 22

Villa Type 33


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Marunda Ocean Mega Tower

Marunda Ocean Mega Tower

Have it right away! modern residential with the concept of “Modern One Stop Living” located on the shores of Jakarta – Marunda Ocean Mega Tower #City of One Billion Dreams#

Marunda Ocean Mega Tower located on Jalan Marunda Makmur, Tarumajaya District, Bekasi Regency. We are on the border between North Jakarta and Bekasi. This is an environment that is strategically located along the coastline of one of the busiest national and international ports in Indonesia, namely Tanjung Priok.

The following is the main road to Marunda Center:
Jalan Akses, Marunda, Jalan Tol Lingkar Luar I (Cakung – Cilincing), rencana Jalan Tol cibitung – Tanjung Priok

Strategic location:
The location is adjacent to the capital city of Jakarta, so it can be accessed through Bekasi and Jakarta, being in a growing industrial area. Residential with View facing the sea.

12 Km to Waterpark Transera
25 Km to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.
27 Km to Monas.
40 Km to Stadion Gelora Bung Karno.
45 Km to Bandara Soekarno-Hatta.

Building Plan

Marunda Ocean Mega Tower standing on an area of 300 hectares, Mega Project will set up the land consisting of several areas equipped with facilities and facilities that will provide comfort for its residents, including commercial areas, office complexes, educational facilities, facilities worship, health facilities area, Lifestyle Mall, Hotel / Condotel area, Public Play Ground, Public Parks and Facilities, Beach Recreation Area and waterpark, and Apartment Complex.

Benefits of Investing in Marunda Ocean Mega Tower
Keuntungan berinvestasi di Marunda Ocean Mega Tower

Ilustrasi Kenaikan harga Unit
The Apartment Complex will have two tower types:
Apartemen Tower A as much as 46 Tower.
Apartemen Tower B as much as 50 Tower.

The Tower A building consists of 25 floors with 56 units on each floor,
The Tower B building consists of 25 floors with 104 units on each floor.


Tower A

Tower B

Apartment units consist of 2 types, namely:
Marunda Ocean Mega Tower Unit Tipe 24Marunda Ocean Mega Tower Unit Tipe 30

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Makassar Mega Tower

Makassar Mega Tower

Location Address: Jalan Jalur Lingkaran Barat, Kapasa,Tamalanrea,Makassar


First and largest Apartment and Condotel in Makassar city. Taking the Modern Living Concept, Makassar Mega Tower provides a new touch in terms of choice to have a classy residence. Consisting of 90 Tower Apartment, 79,200 units of Room apartment type 30, and 278 comercial retail units located in the MMT plaza area make Makassar Mega Tower one of the largest investment property product in Makassar. It has modern supporting facilities ranging from lifestyle Mall, swimming pool & waterpark recreation, Gym / Spa, Polyclinic, Jogging Track, Office Building, etc. immediately have a unit apartment in Makassar Mega Tower and immediately enjoy the convenience.

Strategic location :
20 minutes to Sultan Hasanuddin airport
9 Minutes to Hasanuddin University
40 minutes to Trans Studio Makassar
25 minutes to Soekarno Hatta port

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Jogja Green Mataram

Jogja Green Mataram is a Property Located in Maguwoharjo, Depok Sub-District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta

Starting From


1. Unit type 16 status SHM strata title
2. CASH price starts from 165 million plus cost 10% x purchase price (notary fee, administration, biofuel, tax, cooperative saving etc).
3. Booking fee 2 million (if canceled Booking Fee loss)
4. Price increase Rp 5 million per floor.
– 1st Floor price: Rp 165 million
– 2nd floor price: Rp 170 million
– 3rd floor price: Rp 175 million
– 4th floor price: Rp 180 million
– 5th floor price: Rp 185 million.
5. Can be repaid max 1 year with interest 15% with UM 30%.
6. Construction completed June 2020
7. Revenue is accepted after 2 years since booking fee. Per month :
– 1st floor: Rp 1,400,000
– 2nd floor: Rp 1,450,000
– 3rd floor: Rp 1,500,000
– 4th floor: Rp 1,550,000
– 5th floor: Rp 1,600,000
8. The share of investment increases 10% per year
9. Unit can be sold freely out by giving fee to management 2.5% or returned to management with 10%/year price increase.
10. Maintenance costs (water, cleanliness, security, parking, insurance) if used alone Rp.400.000
If invested, maintenance cost is free.
11. Owners are free to rent their own.
12. location from seturan is 500m to the east.

Payment Method:
1. Cash
2. Credit


Contact our Marketing to own this property.

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South Mountain Paradise

South Mountain Paradise is a Property in the Province of Yogyakarta suitable for investment as well as for your own use, located in Seruni Beach area, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, presents an exotic beach view in a green environment that pamper your eyes, perfect for refreshing and releasing fatigue from your busy day, perfect place for honeymoon or refreshing your beloved family.

South Mountain Paradise

Starting From


Location Address: Pantai Seruni,Tepus District,Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55881


Combination of Condotel, villa, resort with Strata Title rights on the Indian Ocean’s edge is surrounded by hills. Profitable and legal investment. Pasive income Similar property in Bali with the price of Rp. 700 million has been fully furnished (AC, TV, Bed, curtains, Bathroom, closet, mini kitchen, private pool. Public facilities like 5 star hotel (ballroom, spa, meeting rooms, mini shop, mini market & children playground.

At this time South Mountain Paradise became the first in the development of tourism with the construction of investment properties. this property is located on an area of 30 hectares, and has 390 condotel units, 80 resort units and 70 villa units

Price starting from:

Resort      = Rp700 million
Villa        = Rp750 million

Certificate: Strata Title (Property belonging to a Unit)
Can be used alone
Can be invested (Unit submitted and managed management with profit sharing system)
If resold to management, unit price increases of 10% / year

Payment Methods


Contact our Marketing to own this property.

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Jogja Green Ambarrukmo

Jogja Green Ambarrukmo

Starting From

IDR 177,000,000/unit*

A comfortable modern living in a strategic location with lots of access and nearby shopping, culinary, airport as well as campuses.
Location address: Jalan Melon Mundusaren, Caturtunggal, Kecamatan Depok, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281

Strategic location:
1.3 Km to Ambarrukmo Plaza
1.6 Km to Seturan
1.6 Km to Babarsari
2.4 Km to UNY
4.5 Km to Adisutjipto Airport
4.5 Km to UGM

Building Design:

Progress of Development:


Area :13.000 m²
Building :3 floors; 324 units
Unit :20 m² (4×5)
Status :Right to Use  (Sertifikat Hak pakai)
Price :IDR 177,000,000; (Deluxe Standard Type) & IDR 217,000,000,- (Premium Suite Type).
Each 1 floor increment, the price increase Rp10,000,000.-

– Deluxee Standard: Ac, TV, Sofa, Bathroom (sit-closet, shower) + water heater, Bed, Gordyn.
– Premium Suite: Ac, TV, Sofa, Bathroom (sit-closet, shower) + water heater, Bed, Gordyn, Mini Kitchen & Bar.
note        : if the unit is used alone, it does not get a water heater.
Facilities: Swimming Pool, Meeting Room, Mini Market, Resto, Parking Area, 24-hour Security, Lobby.

Investment Option:
1. Be fully invested.
Managed by management completely, profit sharing per month as follows:

1st Floor Standard Type = IDR 1,300,000. – Premium Type = IDR 1,650,000. –
2nd Floor Standard Type =IDR 1,350,000. – Premium Type = IDR 1,700,000.-
3rd Floor Standard Type = IDR 1,400,000. – Premium Type = IDR 1,750,000. –
Increase of profit sharing 10% per year.
Free stay 25 days a year.

Note: Profit sharing will be given starting in January 2020

2. Used alone.
Maintenance Fee = IDR 400,000, -per month.

Additional cost
Administrative costs= IDR 1000,000. -;
Cooperative Membership = IDR 500,000. -; (specifically for purchasing units by credit)
*Booking Fee unilateral cancellation is forfeited, repayment (money paid except for notary fees, administration and taxes) is returned 70%.

Property Investment Estimation in Jogja Green Ambarukmo First 10 Years (Standard Type)
1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

Property Investment Estimation in Jogja Green Ambarukmo First 10 Years (Premium Type)
1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

Payment method
1. Hard CASH get 5% discount, with Booking Fee (BF) IDR 2,000,000.- and the remaining repayment a week after Booking Fee.
2. Credit through the Company’s Co-operative maximum for 3 years (36x installment), with a 15% interest, Down Payment (DP) minimum 30%.

Credit Simulation

Unit Resale:
Units can be resold in 3rd year and maximum 10th year. Sales outside these terms are subject to a 5% penalty. Increase in unit price is 10% per year,

Renewal fee after 20 years is 50%. If not renewed money back 50%.

Development Forecast:
Construction is scheduled for completion in June 2020.

Contact our Marketing immediately to buy unit at Jogja Green Ambarrukmo:

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Pondok Amazon Green

Pondok Amazon Green

Starting From

IDR 157,000,000/unit*

Design of Pondok Amazon Green 

Development Progress of Pondok Amazon Green

A cozy Pondok Wisata concept property in a natural place with subsidized rates and real estate facilities.
Address Location: Pugeran, Maguwoharjo, Depok District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55282

Area :7 Hectare
Total Unit :344 units
Unit Type :35/54
Building Area :35m²
Land Area :54m²
Status :Right to Use / Lease (Hak pakai)
Price :IDR 157,000,000; up to IDR 227,000,000 (based on position & furnished) – view siteplan

Each unit:
√stands of 2 bedrooms (@ 3×3 size)
√1 bathroom
√1 carport
√1 living room,
√ clothes room
√ park

For the furnished furniture provided air conditioning, TV, Bed, Gordyn, Sofa, and Kitchen Sink.

Swimming pool, meeting hall, Mosque, Play ground, Shops, Restaurant, 24 hours security.

– Only 5 to 15 minutes to famous campuses
– Near Seturan area
– 1.1 km to STTNAS Yogyakarta, Jl. Babarsari
– 1.7 km to the campus of UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Ring Road Utara
– 3 km to the campus of UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, JL. Babarsari
– 3.2 km to Plaza Ambarrukmo
– 4.6 km to Adisucipto Airport
– 5 km to Hartono Mall Yogyakarta
– 5.3 km to UNY
– 5.8 km to UGM

Investment Option:

1. The unit is used alone, there is a maintenance fee Rp200,000 per month
2. Full investment.
Managed management with additional standard management furniture and profit sharing as follows:
Price IDR 187,000,000.  profit sharing = IDR 1,300,000, –
Price IDR 217,000,000.  profit sharing = IDR 1,400,000, –
Price IDR 227,000,000,  profit sharing = IDR 1,450,000, –

Profit sharing is up 10% every year.
Unit prices are up 10% every year.
Free to stay 25 days a year during the investment period.

*Profit Sharing is given in January 2020

Investment Estimation of Pondok Amazon Green Property

Price: IDR 187 million


Price: IDR 217 million


Price: IDR 227 million

Payment method:

1. Hard CASH (discount 5%): Booking Fee (BF) IDR 2,000,000 to select the unit, the remaining repayment is paid a week later.

Unit purchases can be made by credit in accordance with the following table:
Simulasi Kredit Pondok Amazon Green

Additional Fee:
Administration Fee of IDR 1,000,000.
Cooperative Fee = IDR 500,000,- specifically if the unit is purchased by Credit.
Cancellation of Booking Fee is forfeited, Payment / Repayment is refunded 70%.

Unit Resale:
Units can be resold in 3rd year and maximum 10th year. Sales outside of these terms are subject to a penalty of 5%.
Increase in unit price if resold to management = 10% per year.

After 20 years,unit can be extended 20 more years with a cost of 50% of the purchase price. If not renewed then the money back 50%.

Development Forecast:
Construction is scheduled for completion in June 2020.

Contact our Marketing to buy this property.

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Jogja Amazon Green 4

Jogja Amazon Green 4

Starting From

IDR 77,000,000/unit*

The construction of Jogja Amazon Green 4 is located exactly in front of PT Gunung Samudera Tirtomas office.

Dusun Kenayan RT 05 RW 30 Wedomartani, Kecamatan Ngemplak, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55584

Design of Jogja Amazon Green 4:

Development Progress of Jogja Amazon Green 4:

Residential with fresh and natural atmosphere, close to Campus and Hospital, Budi Mulia 2 School Complex, Waterpark Jogja Bay, and various culinary places.

Price :IDR 77,000,000.-(non furnished);  IDR 97,000,000,- (furnished).
Status :Right to Use / Hak pakai
Type :16 (4 meter x 4 meter)
Total Unit :112 Units
Location :Dusun Kenayan RT 05 RW 30 Wedomartani, Kecamatan Ngemplak, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55584

AC, TV, Bed, Cupboard, En suite bathroom, gordyn, exhaust fan.

Swimming Pool, Parking Area, Mini Cafe, One Gate System.

Investment options

Unit Managed by management. Profit sharing starting from IDR 750,000.- per month.
Revenue share increases 10% every year.
Unit price increased 5% per year.
Free stay 25 days a year.

2. Inhabited alone. Maintenance fee IDR 150,000.- per month.

Bagi Hasil Jogja Amazon Green 4

How to Purchase:
1. Cash
Booking Fee (BF) IDR 2,000,000-. Repayment one week after Booking Fee.
Additional cost:
administrative costs = IDR 1,000,000-
Cooperative membership = IDR 500,000- (specifically for those whose buy units by credit)

If making a unilateral cancellation, Booking Fee is forfeited, the money already paid (excluding the notary fee, administration and tax) is returned 70%.

2. Credit

Unit Resale:
Units can be resold in 3rd year and maximum 10th year.
Sales outside these terms are subject to a 5% penalty.
If sold to management,unit prices increase 5% every year.

Renewal fee after 20 years is 50% from purchase price (for the next 20 years). If not renewed money back 50%.

Development Forecast
Construction is scheduled for completion in April 2019.

Contact our Marketing to buy this property.

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