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Jogja Amazon Green 3

Jogja Amazon Green 3

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Location Address: Jl. Asem Gede, Condong Catur,Depok Sub-District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta

Comfortable residence in a strategic environment, close to the expense center of Hartono Mall, JIH Hospital, culinary area, only 10 minutes from UGM campus, UNY, Atmajaya, UPN, etc.

Normal Price Rp170.000.000,- (not including 10% tax)
CASH Price (Discount 5%).
Status Right to Use
Type 16 (4×4 meter)
Total Unit 58 unit (2 Floors)
Location Jl. Asem Gede, Condong Catur,Depok Sub-District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta

Free Furniture: AC, TV, Bed, Wardrobe, Gordyn, Toilet (Sit closet, shower).
Swimming Pool, Parking Area, Resto, Mini Market, Wi-Fi, One Gate System, CCTV, Security.

Unit options

  1. Invested.
    Unit Managed by Company Management.
    Profit sharing = Rp1,250,000, – per month, with a rise for 10% per year.
    Free stay 25 days in one year.
  2. Self-occupied.
    Maintenance Fee Rp200,000, – per month.


Purchase Method

  1. Hard CASH
    Hard cash gets 5% discount.
    Booking Fee (BF) for booking unit is Rp2,000,000, – Repayment one week after Booking Fee.
    Notary and administrative costs  Rp1,000.000, -. Unilateral cancellation then Booking Costs forfeited, Repayment 70%.
  2. Credit
    with a Cooperative Facility of up to 2 years (24x installments), an increase rate of 15% per year, a down payment of 30%. BF Rp 2,000,000, – DP payment 7 days after Booking Fee. Investors who buy by way of credit MUST be members of the Cooperative.

Remarks: Cooperative Membership Fee Rp. 500,000, – If no further payments occur as these conditions, Booking Fee is forfeited, the unit returns to the company and is open to be offered. Cancellations outside of scheduled agreements after the settlement or in the process of repayment of the unit, money that has been paid outside of administrative fees, taxes and changes in unit design at personal request and price increases due to credit purchases, are subject to a 10% discount. If the development does not occur as a scheduled agreement, 100% is returned.

Unit Redemption:
The unit can be returned to the company in the 3rd year and a maximum of the 10th year in first agreement. Transfers outside these conditions are subject to a 10% penalty. The increase in unit transfer price of 5% per year from the original investment value as stated in the Investment Agreement Letter (SPI), starts to be calculated in the second year. Repayment will be completed within 3-5 months of the unit’s return.

Unit Renewal:
After 20 years, the investment period can be extended for the next 20 years with an extension fee of Unit Value as stated in the Investment Agreement (SPI) at the first time, excluding Administrative, Tax and Furniture fees

Development Forecast
Development estimates completed in April 2019.

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