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Jogja Green Ambarrukmo

Jogja Green Ambarrukmo

Starting From

IDR 177,000,000/unit*

A comfortable modern living in a strategic location with lots of access and nearby shopping, culinary, airport as well as campuses.
Location address: Jalan Melon Mundusaren, Caturtunggal, Kecamatan Depok, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281

Strategic location:
1.3 Km to Ambarrukmo Plaza
1.6 Km to Seturan
1.6 Km to Babarsari
2.4 Km to UNY
4.5 Km to Adisutjipto Airport
4.5 Km to UGM

Building Design:

Progress of Development:


Area :13.000 m²
Building :3 floors; 324 units
Unit :20 m² (4×5)
Status :Right to Use  (Sertifikat Hak pakai)
Price :IDR 177,000,000; (Deluxe Standard Type) & IDR 217,000,000,- (Premium Suite Type).
* Prices do not include Administration fees of IDR 1,000,000 and 10% tax.
Each 1 floor increment, the price increase Rp10,000,000.-

– Deluxee Standard: Ac, TV, Sofa, Bathroom (sit-closet, shower) + water heater, Bed, Gordyn.
– Premium Suite: Ac, TV, Sofa, Bathroom (sit-closet, shower) + water heater, Bed, Gordyn, Mini Kitchen & Bar.
note        : if the unit is used alone, it does not get a water heater.

Public Facilities: Swimming Pool, Meeting Room, Mini Market, Resto, Parking Area, 24-hour Security, Lobby.

Investment Option:

  1. Full investment.
    Unit managed by management completely, profit sharing per month as follows:
    1st Floor Standard Type = IDR 1,200,000. – Premium Type = IDR 1,550,000. –
    2nd Floor Standard Type =IDR 1,250,000. – Premium Type = IDR 1,600,000.-
    3rd Floor Standard Type = IDR 1,300,000. – Premium Type = IDR 1650,000. –

Increase of profit sharing 5% per year.
Free stay 12 days a year.

  1. Used alone.
    Maintenance Fee = IDR 400,000, -per month, The increase in maintenance costs adjusts the situation and conditions.

Additional cost
Administrative fee + notary fee= IDR 1000,000. -;
Cooperative Membership = IDR 500,000. -; (specifically for purchasing units by credit)
*Booking Fee unilateral cancellation is forfeited, repayment (money paid except for notary fees, administration and taxes) is returned 70%.

Investment Estimation of Jogja Green Ambarukmo Property for the First 10 Years 

Download here

Payment method

  1. Hard CASH
    get 5% discount, with Booking Fee (BF) IDR 2,000,000.- and the remaining repayment a week after Booking Fee.
  2. Credit
    Credit through the Company’s Co-operative maximum for 3 years (36x installment), with a 15% interest peryear, Down Payment (DP) minimum 30%.Remarks: Cooperative Membership Fee is Rp. 500,000 – If there is no further payment as stated in the provisions, Booking Fee is forfeited, the unit returns to the company and is open to be offered. Cancellation outside the scheduled agreement after repayment or in the repayment process, the money has been paid except administrative fees, taxes and price increases due to credit payments, subject to a 10% discount and if the construction does not occur as scheduled agreement, 100% returns.

Information :

  1. Notary and administrative fee IDR 1,000,000
  2. Cancellation of BF is forfeited, Repayment is returned 75%.

Unit Sales:

  1. The unit can be resold in the 3rd year and the maximum in the 10th year.
  2. Unit price increases 5% per year.
  3. The unit is left to management to help sell it until the unit is sold.
  4. The unit can be sold alone to a third party by giving a 5% fee to management at a selling price following the provisions of management.

50% renewal fee from the purchase price after the discount, if not renewed 100% money back from the purchase price after the discount


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