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Jogja Green Ambarrukmo

Jogja Green Ambarrukmo

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A comfortable condotel in a neighborhood with lots of access and nearby shopping, culinary, airport as well as campuses.
Location address: Jalan Melon Mundusaren, Caturtunggal, Kecamatan Depok, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281

Building Design:

Progress of Development:


Area :130.000 m²
Building :4 floors; 432 units
Unit :20 m² (4×5)
Status :Right to Use  (Sertifikat Hak pakai)
Price :Rp160.000.000; (Deluxe Standard Type) & Rp200.000.000,- (Premium Suite Type).
Each 1 floor increment, the price increase Rp5.000.000,-

– Deluxee Standard: Ac, TV, Sofa, Bathroom (sit-closet, shower) + water heater, Bed, Gordyn.
– Premium Suite: Ac, TV, Sofa, Bathroom (sit-closet, shower) + water heater, Bed, Gordyn, Mini Kitchen & Bar.
Description: If used alone do not get a water heater.
Facilities: Swimming Pool, Meeting Room, Mini Market, Resto, Parking Area, 24-hour Safety Unit, Lobby.

Investment Option:
1. Be fully invested.
Managed by management completely, profit sharing per month as follows:

1st Floor Standard Type = Rp1.200.000, – Premium Type = Rp1.600.000, –
2nd Floor Standard Type = Rp1.250.000, – Premium Type = Rp1.650.000, –
3rd Floor Standard Type = Rp1.300.000, – Premium Type = Rp1.700.000, –
4th Floor Standard Type = Rp1.350.000, – Premium Type = Rp1.750.000, –

Increase of revenue share 10% per year.
Free stay 25 days a year.

2. Used alone.
Maintenance = Rp400.000, -per month.
Description – Notary fee Rp500.000, -; Cooperative Membership Rp500.000, -; BAJ Saving Rp1.000.000,-
Unilateral Cancellation of Booking Fee, Repayment is refunded 70%.

Property Investment Estimation in Jogja Green Ambarukmo First 10 Years (Rp150 million)

Property Investment Estimation in Jogja Green Ambarukmo First 10 Years (Rp190 million)

Payment method
1. CASH hard 5% discount, with Booking Fee (BF) Rp2.000.000, – and the remaining repayment a week after Booking Fee.
2. Credit through the Company’s Co-operative for 1 year (12x installment), with a 15% interest, Down Payment (DP) minimum 30%.

Unit Redemption:
Units can be resold in 3rd year and maximum 10th year. Sales outside these terms are subject to a 5% penalty. Increase in unit price is 10% per year,

Renewal fee after 20 years is 50%. If not renewed money back 50%.

Development Forecast:
Construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019

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