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Jogja Amazon Green 4

Jogja Amazon Green 4

Starting From

IDR 77,000,000/unit*

The construction of Jogja Amazon Green 4 is located exactly in front of PT Gunung Samudera Tirtomas office.

Dusun Kenayan RT 05 RW 30 Wedomartani, Kecamatan Ngemplak, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55584

Design of Jogja Amazon Green 4:

Development Progress of Jogja Amazon Green 4:

Residential with fresh and natural atmosphere, close to Campus and Hospital, Budi Mulia 2 School Complex, Waterpark Jogja Bay, and various culinary places.

Price :IDR 77,000,000.-(non furnished);  IDR 97,000,000,- (furnished). – (not including 10% VAT tax and administrative costs)
Status :Right to Use
Type :16 (4 meter x 4 meter)
Total Unit :112 Units
Location :Dusun Kenayan RT 05 RW 30 Wedomartani, Kecamatan Ngemplak, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55584

AC, TV, Bed, Cupboard, En suite bathroom, gordyn, exhaust fan.

Swimming Pool, Parking Area, Mini Cafe, One Gate System.

Investment options

  1. Invested.
    Unit Managed by management. Profit sharing starting from IDR 750,000.- per month.
    Revenue share increases 10% every year.
    Unit price increased 5% per year.
    Free stay 25 days a year.Investment Table as Follow:
  2. Inhabited
    Maintenance fee IDR 150,000.- per month. The increase in maintenance fee is adjusted to the development of the situation and conditions.


How to Purchase:

  1. Cash
    Discount 5%, Booking Fee (BF) IDR 2,000,000-. Repayment one week after Booking Fee.
  2. Credit
    Credit through Bumi Adi Jaya Cooperative Services a maximum of 24 installments (2 years) with a 15% increase per year. BF Rp. 2000,000, – Down Payment (DP) is paid 7 (seven) days after Booking Fee, the amount of DP is at least 30% of the Unit Investment Value (Price). Must be a member of the BAJ Cooperative.

    Remarks: Cooperative Membership Rp. 500,000, – If no further payments occur as stipulated in the provisions, BF will expire. The unit returns to the company and is open to be offered.

    Scheduled off-plan cancellations after repayment / unit payments, excluding scheduled agreements (money paid / deposited outside of administrative fees, taxes, and unit design changes for personal desires and price increases due to credit purchases) are subject to a 10% discount and if Development does not occur as a scheduled agreement, returns 100%

Additional Cost:
administration fee + notary fees = IDR 1,000,000-

Unit Resale:
Unit can be returned to the company in the 3rd to 10th year. Transfers outside these conditions are subject to a 10% penalty. The increase in unit value transferred 5% per year starts from the 2nd year. Repayment will be completed within 3-5 months from the handover of the unit.

Renewal fee (for the next 20 year ) is the original Investment Unit Value as stated in the Investment Agreement (SPI) at the first time, excluding Administrative, Tax and Furniture Fees.

Development Forecast
Construction is scheduled for completion in June 2019.

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