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Pondok Amazon Green

Pondok Amazon Green

Starting From

IDR 157,000,000/unit*

Design of Pondok Amazon Green 

Development Progress of Pondok Amazon Green

A cozy Pondok Wisata concept property in a natural place with subsidized rates and real estate facilities.
Address Location: Pugeran, Maguwoharjo, Depok District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55282

Area :7 Hectare
Total Unit :344 units
Unit Type :35/54
Building Area :35m²
Land Area :54m²
Status :Right to Use / Lease (Hak pakai)
Price :IDR 157,000,000; up to IDR 227,000,000 (based on position & furnished) – view siteplan

Each unit:
√stands of 2 bedrooms (@ 3×3 size)
√1 bathroom
√1 carport
√1 living room,
√ clothes room
√ park

For the furnished furniture provided air conditioning, TV, Bed, Gordyn, Sofa, and Kitchen Sink.

Swimming pool, meeting hall, Mosque, Play ground, Shops, Restaurant, 24 hours security.

– Only 5 to 15 minutes to famous campuses
– Near Seturan area
– 1.1 km to STTNAS Yogyakarta, Jl. Babarsari
– 1.7 km to the campus of UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Ring Road Utara
– 3 km to the campus of UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, JL. Babarsari
– 3.2 km to Plaza Ambarrukmo
– 4.6 km to Adisucipto Airport
– 5 km to Hartono Mall Yogyakarta
– 5.3 km to UNY
– 5.8 km to UGM

Investment Option:

1. The unit is used alone, there is a maintenance fee Rp200,000 per month
2. Full investment.
Managed management with additional standard management furniture and profit sharing as follows:
Price IDR 187,000,000.  profit sharing = IDR 1,300,000, –
Price IDR 217,000,000.  profit sharing = IDR 1,400,000, –
Price IDR 227,000,000,  profit sharing = IDR 1,450,000, –

Profit sharing is up 10% every year.
Unit prices are up 10% every year.
Free to stay 25 days a year during the investment period.

*Profit Sharing is given in January 2020

Investment Estimation of Pondok Amazon Green Property

Price: IDR 187 million


Price: IDR 217 million


Price: IDR 227 million

Payment method:

1. Hard CASH (discount 5%): Booking Fee (BF) IDR 2,000,000 to select the unit, the remaining repayment is paid a week later.

Unit purchases can be made by credit in accordance with the following table:
Simulasi Kredit Pondok Amazon Green

Additional Fee:
Administration Fee of IDR 1,000,000.
Cooperative Fee = IDR 500,000,- specifically if the unit is purchased by Credit.
Cancellation of Booking Fee is forfeited, Payment / Repayment is refunded 70%.

Unit Resale:
Units can be resold in 3rd year and maximum 10th year. Sales outside of these terms are subject to a penalty of 5%.
Increase in unit price if resold to management = 10% per year.

After 20 years,unit can be extended 20 more years with a cost of 50% of the purchase price. If not renewed then the money back 50%.

Development Forecast:
Construction is scheduled for completion in June 2020.

Contact our Marketing to buy this property.

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