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Pondok Amazon Green

Pondok Amazon Green

Starting From

IDR 157,000,000/unit*

Design of Pondok Amazon Green 

Development Progress of Pondok Amazon Green

A cozy Pondok Wisata concept property in a natural place with subsidized rates and real estate facilities.
Address Location: Pugeran, Maguwoharjo, Depok District, Sleman Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta 55282

Area :7 Hectare
Total Unit :344 units
Unit Type :35/54
Building Area :35m²
Land Area :54m²
Status :Right to Use / Lease (Hak pakai)
Price :IDR 157,000,000; up to IDR 227,000,000 (based on position & furnished) – view siteplan
* Prices do not include Administration fees of IDR 1,000,000 and 10% tax.

Each unit:
√stands of 2 bedrooms (@ 3×3 size)
√1 bathroom
√1 carport
√1 living room,
√ park

For the furnished furniture provided air conditioning, TV, Bed, Gordyn, Sofa, and Kitchen Sink.

Swimming pool, meeting hall, Mosque, Play ground, Shops, Restaurant, 24 hours security.

– Only 5 to 15 minutes to famous campuses
– Near Seturan area
– 1.1 km to STTNAS Yogyakarta, Jl. Babarsari
– 1.7 km to the campus of UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, Ring Road Utara
– 3 km to the campus of UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, JL. Babarsari
– 3.2 km to Plaza Ambarrukmo
– 4.6 km to Adisucipto Airport
– 5 km to Hartono Mall Yogyakarta
– 5.3 km to UNY
– 5.8 km to UGM

Investment Option:

  1. Inhabited, there is a maintenance fee Rp200,000 per month, The increase in maintenance costs adjusts the situation and conditions.
  2. Full investment.
    Unit will be Managed by our management with additional standard management furniture and profit sharing as follows:
    Price IDR 187,000,000.  profit sharing = IDR 1,300,000, –
    Price IDR 217,000,000.  profit sharing = IDR 1,400,000, –
    Price IDR 227,000,000,  profit sharing = IDR 1,450,000, –

Profit sharing is up 10% every year.
Unit prices are up 10% every year.
Free to stay 25 days a year during the investment period.

*Profit Sharing is given in January 2020

Investment Estimation of Pondok Amazon Green Property

Price: IDR 187 million

Price: IDR 217 million

Price: IDR 227 million

Payment method:

  1. Hard CASH
    (discount 5%): Booking Fee (BF) IDR 2,000,000 to select the unit, the remaining repayment is paid a week later.
    Credit through Bumi Adi Jaya Cooperative (with 15% interest / year), maximum 3 years (36 installments) and down payment (DP) of at least 30%, obtaining 7 (seven) days after Booking Fee. Investor Must be a member of the Bumi Adi Jaya Cooperative.
    Unit purchases can be made by credit in accordance with the following table:

Additional Fee:
Administration Fee + Notary fee is IDR 1,000,000.
Cooperative Fee = IDR 500,000,- only if the unit is purchased by Credit.
Cancellation of Booking Fee is forfeited, Payment / Repayment is refunded 70%.

Unit Resale:
Unit can be returned / resold to the company with an increase in the value of 10% per year from the original value as stated in the Investment Agreement Letter (SPI), starting in the second year. Return of the unit can be done in the 3rd year and a maximum of the 10th year. Transfers outside these conditions are subject to a 10% penalty. Repayment will be completed within 3-5 months of the unit’s return.

After 20 years, unit can be renewal with the extension fee of the original Unit Value (Price) as stated in the first Investment Agreement, for the next 20 years, excluding Administration Fees, Taxes and Furniture.

Development Forecast:
Construction is scheduled for completion in June 2020.

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